Dear Lotto Player:

Good Afternoon! My name is Art Robertson and I would like to let you in on my remarkable new discovery in the five-number lotto games. In fact, it is such a breakthrough that without the help of my person computer, I might never have been able to "crack the code", and reveal these secrets to you here today about how to stop losing and start winning the Pick-5!

Please Listen Closely. A simple, orderly and logical 5-Day Approach can improve your chances of winning by "upping" the odds to be dramatically in your favor with specific positive choice numbers. I'll show you quite easily how to select these numbers as a result of a certain number series that you can follow easily with numbers from your daily newspaper.

With this formula in your hands, there is no telling how quickly you can get lotto tickets that practically guarantee selected winning numbers on your tickets in your favorite Pick-5 game!

But if you are looking to play large combinations of numbers - forget it. This system is just not for you! Instead, we focus on just a few, specific certain numbers. That is all you will ever play here!

But, the great part is that it really doesn't matter what numbers actually come in - the Cash-5 Maximizer System cuts right through them all by penetrating the maze of Pick-5 numbers, with uncanny accuracy - and handing you only specific choice numbers.

Will you join me? Will you take me up on this one-of-a-kind offer to get your own copy of this spectacular new system? I definitely hope so, because I'm only going to release a small number of these systems to the public. After that, I predict that they are going to become as rare as proverbial "hens teeth". I strongly recommend that you get up and act now to send in your request before it's too late. I want you to start winning next week!

Yours For Winning The Pick-5/Cash-5 Games,

Art Robertson

Yes, I discovered a secret
formula... What I call the
CASH-5 Maximizer System

At first, I paper-tested the system without investing a single dollar. I played without buying any tickets, and tracked my winnings.

Boy was I mad: because I didn't buy any tickets, I missed out on positive choice winning number ticket that would have made me a cool $341,803.00 richer.

Yet, I knew I had to "test drive" the formula to make sure. After all, if it worked this well in practice, it would work just as well in real life!

And, oh my gosh, did it work! I am not ashamed to say it made me a big winner in the Pick-5. (As a matter of fact, I got a few of my closest friends involved and they can't believe it's this good too.)

Next, we decided to market the formula to a small group of people. We focused on people who played regularly, but won little. (The last thing I wanted is for some "high-roller" rich man to get even richer! I wanted to help the folks, like you, who needed it most.)

You must know...right here...
5 important steps to cash

Step One: The Cash-5 Maximizer System teaches you how to examine a certain few drawings to pick specific positive choice numbers.

After all; you want to catch on to a winning streak as soon as possible. You've probably played too long, and I'm sure lost too much already to waste any more time & hard-earned money on losing tickets. The Cash-5 Maximizer System is an unstoppable way to help you win within days of getting your complete system guide, or guide and software.

In fact, you will practically increase your odds of winning by a huge 5-Step Advantage.

Step Two: The Cash-5 Maximizer System shows you how to play rising numbers that are due to hit. This gives you an important advantage over other players who are "picking their numbers out of a hat".

You are now in a position to maximize your potential wins. This is a critical factor in putting together your own winning streaks, helping yourself to win on a regular basis.

The Cash-5 Maximizer System assembles a powerful positive choice playing strategy. You play just the specific positive choice numbers to build a cash-winning streak of up to 17 wins per month.

Just take a moment to think about how much money you would have in your bank account with 17 wins per month.

Look at all the fabulous things you
could have with lots of money
from your new cash winnings...

Have you been waiting forever to go on a warm sunny vacation? How about a trip to London? Rome? Paris? Or, just relaxing by the pool with your favorite drink and a great book?

Yet, I knew I had to "test drive" the formula to make sure. After all, if it worked this well in practice, it would work just as well in real life!

Step Three: The Cash-5 Maximizer System uses a proprietary research "Maximizer Spread Approach" (MSA) to help you zero in on numbers with the most powerful win grouping. These numbers can make the difference between throwing away losers in the trash can, or filling your bank account up with another winning check! Have you ever put your head in the your hands because you "missed it" by one or two numbers? Sure, with expensive stocks and commodities coming close may be fine to make a profit, but not with your favorite Pick-5 game. The problem is, if you have the wrong numbers, you lose. These powerful win-grouped numbers make all the difference. They can fill your pockets with cash. And with the Cash-5 Maximizer System you always get these numbers when you lease expect it.

It's like finding a crate
full of money
sitting at your front door ...

Step Four: Here's an easy one: do you like to win money some of the time, or would you like to win week after week, month after month?

I'll bet I already know your answer... that's why the "Cash-5 Maximizer System" uses a proprietary research formula to identify those powerful win-grouped numbers...

My system uses a secret "Adjusted Spread Value" (ASV) technique to help you get the win-grouped numbers that can win game after game.

I must warn you about a possible side effect of the ASV technique... It appears that this unique technique will help you win more money, faster as well! Almost all computer tests have verified win accuracy immediately and allow people to become wealthy in just weeks.

My computer tests have involved the well-known statistical method: Multiple Regression Analysis (MRA) that can help you to get your winning off to a racing start. Now this is the type of "side effect" that will make a tremendous impact in your life... having the money you need and deserve at your fingertips!

Step Five: My exhaustive research and testing has shown me that you must stay clear of certain numbers. I refer to these as trash numbers. They can wreck your chances of winning cash and frankly belong in one place - the trash can! Unfortunately, that's where far too many losing tickets end up, when players mistakenly use trash numbers.

The "Cash-5 Maximizer System" gives you a top-secret method, one that I discovered (and will not give to anyone else), that isolates these "trash numbers" so you will NOT waste another minute playing.

And this is how you can build your winning streaks. You only play numbers with the highest win potential, and you throw out the "trash numbers" that just plain stink.

But the best part is, once you get on a winning streak, there is no stopping you from becoming exceedingly rich. When you stop and think about it, do your dreams provide enough money in the bank to provide a secure financial future? Indeed your life will become so much easier when you have the security of a well-stocked bank account, bursting with cash and prepared to help you overcome and financial difficulties or crisis.

Yes, it's absolutely true. Nothing feels better than to push your money worries aside and breathe easy for a change.

"...The Pick-5 is a profitable game with better odds than most people think."

You must realize that the Pick-5 is a profitable game with Better Odds than most people think.

Now, I've just made playing it a whole lot better with my Brand New 5-Day Approach to helping you select your specific positive choice numbers.

AND, better yet - helping you to take home huge jackpot winnings!

Here is an Actual Play Table taken
fresh from my personal computer for:
Specific Positive Choice Numbers

If you had held tickets containing these numbers - in just one drawing you would now be a cool $341,803.00 richer!
Can you put yourself in this picture?

Here are five [5] important facts
you must know about the
cash-5 maximizer system

  • You Keep All Your Winnings. Every penny you win is yours to keep. I don't get a dime of your winnings. Don't fall for any gimic system that asks you to pay from your winnings. Most likely it isn't worth the paper it's printed on. You win to make youreslf richer, and no one else.
  • Trash Numbers. The Cash-5 Maximizer System will NOT give you any kind of Trash Numbers that aren't worth playing. I have tested all kinds of system that don't bother to filter out the trash numbers, and they just don't win! I have verified that my system will never factor in trash numbers.
  • Lousy Odds. The Pick-5 is a profitable game with better odds than most people think. But far too many people unknowingly put trash numbers onto their cards and hope for the "big jackpot". Talk about lousy odds - this is a sure way to end up with losing tickets.
  • EASY! Anyone can do it! No complicated "studying" required.
  • Unlimited Income Potential! Following my system you may realistically take in MANY $THOUSANDS a year (and even more).

Unfortunately, the quantity of Cash-5 Maximizer system is extremely limited. Only a few hundred people will be able to reap the rewards from this discovery and start becoming rich, practically overnight.

Last, but not least...

I want you to have my iron-clad 60-day money-back complete wintrack guarantee.

"You must win in your favorite Pick-5 game over the next 60 days - or I will refund 100% of your fee. No ifs, ands or buts."

Here is your chance to get the most powerful Pick-5 lotto discovery of the

century - a discovery that virtually locks in your winning positive choice numbers before your play!

It is the safest, surest, easiset way you will ever find to playing the Pick-5 ...winning the important money you deserve. In a few days from now, you can be nothing more than a few days older - or you can be on your way to getting rich. You must decide. Personally, I'd love to hear from you by phone, fax or mail right after your first Pick-5 win!

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How can this improve your financial situation???

How about winning more mone (in less time) than you ever though possible? No sir, we are NOT talking about some make believe jackpots - no way! - We are talking about Jackpots that can start around $50,000 and go well into the $100,000, $200,00 - and even $300,000+ range with the potential for huge single daily payouts!

"I really like the system. It works just like you said it would. Thank you!" A. Whitaker, GA

My new system covers you up to 85% - Playing just a few abbreviated plays!

When you receive my new "Cash-5 Maximizer System" you can quickly learn my simple, but powerful new mathematical way to Win Big At DAILY Pick-5 Lotto, Increasing the Odds to be as much as 65% to 85% in your favor.

Now, you can buy tickets that virtually guarantee your succes with our proprietary new specific positive choice numbers!!

Important Fact! No other Pick-5 Lotto System Can Match The Power of The "Cash-5 Maximizer System!

and get this ... You do not have to play loads of combination numbers like all the other messy numbers systems require!

You have never positively seen anything quite like this before! It's amazing what cash profits a simple little juggling of numbers can do!

Plus, there is something else I'd like to send you...

"AT LAST, You Can Zero Right In On Just Specific Positive Choice Lotto Numbers That Give You The Best Pick-5 Number Combinations To Play For That Day!"

The truth here is that you will not find any other Daily Pick-5 or Cash-5 System anywhere - at any price - that can cover your Pick-5 or Cash-5 games so completely with numbers like the ingenious new "Cash-5 Maximizer System".

It does not matter if repeating numbers (or even non-repeating numbers) come in because the "Cash-5 Maximizer System" cuts right through them all with just specific positive choice numbers!

"The new "CASH-5 MAXIMIZER SYSTEM" is a powerful and consistent method that produces more positive choice numbers than anything we or you have ever seen from any other system - at any price! PERIOD! The simple FACT here is ... NOTHING ELSE EVEN COMES CLOSE!

ABSOLUTELY! The new "Cash-5 Maximizer System" is a system that actually wins! It's easy, it's straight-forward and will work the exact same way in any State that has a Daily Pick-5 or Cash-5 Numbers game (which most States today do have in place).

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The originator of the "TIER-1 METHOD FOR SLOTS" Method is James Capisallo, an ex-computer programming professional. He has reportedly play over 2,500 different slot machines to develop his method and has come up with outstanding results in his unparalleled slot machine research. But that's not all, his ingenious new method does not require any complex figuring or prior mathematical or computer know-how.

A word from the author of The "TIER-1 METHOD FOR SLOTS"

"The most costly mistake that most first-time (and some seasoned) slots players make is to fall for the enticing "sucker" slot machines. Nearly every casino has them, and to the untrained eye the "sucker" machine will dollar for dollar, draw more unsuspecting players than almost any other type of machine."

"My method has allowed me to focus on playing just "Tier-1" machines that does not involve any type of complex mathematical or computer knowledge to find (and play). In fact, from what I've observed, most players don't even know that these low-profile machines exist and tend to avoid them. This simply allows me more time to play the machines that I like most - the fabulous "Tier-1" machines."

"I'm not sure that many players are ready for this kind of day-in and day-out profits, as much as $550 to $750 per day, but I'm willing to share my discovery to help a few lucky players take home handsom daily profits. The greatest bonus of my method for slots is the steady and consistent profits you can potentially make nearly every day "Tier-1" machines are played in your favorite casino."

You just might make a living doing this - and have fun at the same time!

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